We provide advertising on auto rickshaw hoods in any region including rural areas also in any quantity. We are the genuine organization registered and do not provide fake photographs to our client. Everyone is aware that there are many frauds who do not provide proper service as they commit. Best quality vinyl is used to paste on auto hood.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Varanasi/ Mirzapur/ Chandauli/ Lucknow/ Allahabad/ Kanpur/ Bareily/ Gorakhpur/ Delhi & other Cities. Area Specific autos cannot be guaranteed as they will criess/ cross the city, hower, autos of driver living in a certain area can be offered. Subject to availability.

Varanasi City Routes Plan

  1. Cantt – Chaukaghat- Kachahari- Mughalsarai-DLW- Sigra- Lanka
  2. Godowaliya- Lanka- Rathyatra- Durgakung- DLW
  3. Pandaypur- Ashapur- Umraha- Chaubeypur
  4. Beniabag- Cantt- Roadways- Pandaypur- Andarapul- Kachahar
  5. Parao- Ramnagar- Mughalsarai- Cantt Railway Station
  6. Mughalsarai- Beniabag- Parao- Ramnagar- Cantt Station


Travels 200 kms a day, Up to 20 hours on road, 7 days a week

Being a dynamic medium, number of audience cannot be ascertained. Our unwritten code of the ethics prevents us from putting out a Hugh.