Outdoor advertisement and branding relies heavily on frontlit and backlit flex printing. Banners, hoardings and shop boards are extremely cost effective way to get your advertising message across. Flex printing is done on solvent machines. The inks used in these machines have a very high resistance to rain and sunlight.

Here are two economical options for banners, hoardings and shop boards are…

Frontlit flex printing: 

Here the sun is the source of illumination. The print is generally stretched on a metal or wooden frame. Application for frontlit flex prints include

  • Hoardings,
  • Intensive but short lived ad campaigns
  • Economical road side banners
  • Low resolution posters

Backlit flex printing:

These prints are also known as GSBs – short for glow sign boards. The print is stretched on a metal box which is 6 – 8 inches thick. The box contains tube lights which illuminate the print from behind. GSBs applications typically include:

  • Shop and showroom boards, Signs which need high visibility at night.