Outdoor advertisement and branding relies heavily on frontlit and backlit flex printing. Banners, hoardings and shop boards are extremely cost effective way to get your advertising message across. Flex printing is done on solvent machines. The inks used in these machines have a very high resistance to rain and sunlight.

Here are two economical options for banners, hoardings and shop boards are…

Frontlit flex printing: 

Here the sun is the source of illumination. The print is generally stretched on a metal or wooden frame. Application for frontlit flex prints include

  • Hoardings,
  • Intensive but short lived ad campaigns
  • Economical road side banners
  • Low resolution posters

Backlit flex printing:

These prints are also known as GSBs – short for glow sign boards. The print is stretched on a metal box which is 6 – 8 inches thick. The box contains tube lights which illuminate the print from behind. GSBs applications typically include:

  • Shop and showroom boards, Signs which need high visibility at night.

We provide better Outdoor Media plan to our clients for Display Hoarding Advertising, Outdoor Promotion and Advertisement so that our client can target their audience or customer about their Products Promotion, Brand Promotion, Services  Promotion, Events & Exhibitions promotion, Company various schemes promotions through our Display Hoardings, Bill-Boards, Unipole, Gantries, bus Shelters, Pole Kiosk Advertising sites.

We explore best locations so that your brand reaches your target audience. We make sure that every plan of ours is economic as well as cost effective. We help you to promote your brand in any part of India. Our media planning research, quick execution and value added monitoring system will give great exposure to your campaign. We can deliver desirable and measurable advertising campaigns within a set time frame so that the campaign kick starts quickly. We would love to help make your esteemed brand more popular amongst your target audiences.

When you are looking at visibility for your brand, there is nothing more effective than out of home advertising. Out of home advertising can be done in two ways – outdoor advertising and indoor advertising. The two methods only differ in placement, and the choice of medium can be made depending on the type of the product and the targeted consumer base.

Outdoor advertising refers to the placement of hoardings, banners, sign-boards etc. in open spaces such as next to a busy highway, at a petrol pump, or near a tourist spot. Such placement makes your advertisement inescapable, giving you round the clock visibility. It is visible to each and every person passing on that route, and for the routine commuters, it also adds an element of repetition.

Indoor advertising, on the other hand, aims to reach out to a specific section of people, based on their lifestyle and preferences. For example, advertising for your clothing line in a shopping mall will give your brand instant recognition in the eyes of the shoppers who see it. Some popular forms of indoor advertising such as restroom advertising in malls, advertising in night clubs, shopping malls, INOX advertising etc. force the consumer to look at your advertisement again and again, leaving a strong impression on their mind.

We provide advertising on auto rickshaw hoods in any region including rural areas also in any quantity. We are the genuine organization registered and do not provide fake photographs to our client. Everyone is aware that there are many frauds who do not provide proper service as they commit. Best quality vinyl is used to paste on auto hood.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Varanasi/ Mirzapur/ Chandauli/ Lucknow/ Allahabad/ Kanpur/ Bareily/ Gorakhpur/ Delhi & other Cities. Area Specific autos cannot be guaranteed as they will criess/ cross the city, hower, autos of driver living in a certain area can be offered. Subject to availability.

Varanasi City Routes Plan

  1. Cantt – Chaukaghat- Kachahari- Mughalsarai-DLW- Sigra- Lanka
  2. Godowaliya- Lanka- Rathyatra- Durgakung- DLW
  3. Pandaypur- Ashapur- Umraha- Chaubeypur
  4. Beniabag- Cantt- Roadways- Pandaypur- Andarapul- Kachahar
  5. Parao- Ramnagar- Mughalsarai- Cantt Railway Station
  6. Mughalsarai- Beniabag- Parao- Ramnagar- Cantt Station


Travels 200 kms a day, Up to 20 hours on road, 7 days a week

Being a dynamic medium, number of audience cannot be ascertained. Our unwritten code of the ethics prevents us from putting out a Hugh.

Multiplexes offers multiple movie options every week along with great ambience & other facilities to entertain people. You can target premium or other multiplex chains depending on your target audience regionally or pan India. Multiple movie based campaigns possible here to maximize effective reach. Chandra Advertisers Digital Cinema Advertising provides cinema marketing solutions to its advertising clients on a national and local basis through on-screen sight, sound and motion – Cinema Spots.

Cinema Spots Cinema spots are commercial advertisements that provide maximum impact when aired on the big screen as a prelude to blockbuster entertainment. Cinema spots start at the feature film’s published show time in a lights-down environment ensuring advertiser’s brands are seen by an attentive audience. Chandra Advertisers Digital Cinema is the most flexible audio visual medium. Chandra Advertisers accepts & shows commercial having duration of 10 sec or more.

Material can be supplied in .MOV/ HD/ SD format on Hard Disk, DVD, Digibeta, Beta, and Negative or in print form. For best results we suggest converting directly from the advertisers master output from the editing machine before it is dumped on to the betacam tape. Once the data is captured on to our system we can deliver the same digitally to theatres, eliminating the need of an advertisement print thus saving on the cost of the prints. The entire cost of conversion to our digital format is borne by us.

Cinema Slides:

Cinema advertising slides with 5.1 surround sound can be screened at Chandra Advertisers Theatres Ads of different duration can appear on-screen. Accepted Formats: Photoshop images with an extension of .psd, .jpg, and .tif. Illustrator images with an extension of .ai & .eps *All digital files must be in RGB color mode and at least 300 dpi.

Censor Certificate:

Censor certificate for each of the commercials aired in theatres is mandatory. Digitization of the commercial ensures high quality images & sound. Chandra Advertisers Digital Cinema System is capable of delivering high definition images in the native 16:9 format. Thus ads shot on high definition format can be displayed on UFO system with no loss of quality.

Multi Lingual ADS

In Digital format of advertising the system is capable of multiple language support thus eliminating the need for Separate prints for different languages. The system can provide multiple language options.

Faster Wide Spread Release: With no print cost in the UFO Digital Advertising format, the advertiser can release their ads in greater number of theaters.